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Review of Fianna Fáil/Green coalition government

Red Pepper, a UK left wing magazine, asked me to write an opinion piece on the Irish Green Party in Government.   The article was written late December in time for Red Pepper’s current edition.

Government eats up the Greens

“Last October, Irish Green Party members reaffirmed their commitment to staying in power with the centre right Fianna Fáil party, by voting to support a mid-term renegotiated Programme for Government (PfG). 

More significantly the party also voted to support the coalition government’s favoured initiative to rescue Irish financial institutions, the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA). 

In the weeks leading up to the vote, Green Party Leader, John Gormley announced that the new PfG would be transformational – a statement which succeeded in focusing media attention on the new agreement negotiations and away from the controversial NAMA. Continue reading