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budget 2013

This is the text of my speech delivered at Campaign for Labour Policies ‘Post Budget 2013’ meeting in Liberty Hall, on Saturday 8 December 2012.

“While we are here today to discuss Budget 2013, we are really discussing what Labour can achieve in Government.  To be able to say with confidence that Labour has a role in Government, other than being effective administrators, the party has to bring about real reform. Continue reading

Would Ireland vote for an alliance of the Left?

There has been much debate and discussion lately regarding the need for a new political agenda. At the ‘Equality in a Time of Crisis’ conference held in UCD participants explored the issues and policies needed to make Ireland a more equal and fairer society, and also the need for a left wing Government. Michael D. Higgins who spoke at the conference indicated that the Labour Party would be willing to take the lead on forming such an alliance.

However for this Government of the left to come about there would need to be, in the first instance, a significant change in voter patterns.

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Planning for a Sustainable Future

Kinsale town, home of the Transition Town movement, will host the Labour Party NGO Forum, on Saturday 24th April, starting 10am finishing 1pm, in the Trident Hotel.

The NGO Fouum will be formally opened by Cllr. Tomás O’Brien, Mayor of Kinsale.

Speakers from the Cork Environmental Forum, Sustainable Water Network and Friends of the Irish Envrionment will discuss the transition movement, river basin management plans and GMOs. The forum coincides with Kinsale’s Spring Fair. Guest speaker is Declan Waugh, Partnership for Change

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Labour Party Environment NGO Forum

Labour Party Leader Éamon Gilmore TD, Joanna Tuffy TD, Senator Dominic Hannigan, and Bronwen Maher (Co-Chair Sustainability Group) met representatives from the Envrionment Pillar at a Labour Party Environment NGO Forum last Friday 26 February in the Mansion House, Dawson Street.  Lord Mayor Cllr. Emer Costello (Labour Party) hosted the event.  Presentations were made by Anja Murray from An Taisce, James Nix of the Irish Environmental Network, Dr Muireann Ní Bhrolchain NUI Maynooth, Michael Philips of the Environmental Pillar, and David Korowicz of Feasta.

Addressing the Forum, Éamon Gilmore TD told delegates that “Ireland is at a crossroads in its history. After two years of decline, the indications are that we are approaching the depths of this devastating recession”, Continue reading

Equality and Human Rights: Gov. using recession to disable Equality Groups

Attended the Equality and Rights Alliance conference and launch of their report ‘Downgrading Equality and Human Rights: Assessing the Impact’.  See the The Irish Times report on the conference, where journalist Alison Healy quotes Mr Ó Cinnéide a lecturer in Law in the University of London: “He said that there was now widespread acceptance that Ireland’s current institutional machinery to protect and promote equality could not deliver on its requirements.  “There has been, frankly, the perception . . . of a fall from grace from European best practice models to a set of circumstances that gives rise to questions,” he said.” Continue reading

Creating a strong vibrant City Region

Dublin StreetGetting us out of the economic recession will require creative thinking and policy that supports an environment where business can survive and grow.  

This means we have to look at the problem in the long term and Dublin City and Region have been examining ways to make Dublin’s economy strong and vibrant. Continue reading