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Would Ireland vote for an alliance of the Left?

There has been much debate and discussion lately regarding the need for a new political agenda. At the ‘Equality in a Time of Crisis’ conference held in UCD participants explored the issues and policies needed to make Ireland a more equal and fairer society, and also the need for a left wing Government. Michael D. Higgins who spoke at the conference indicated that the Labour Party would be willing to take the lead on forming such an alliance.

However for this Government of the left to come about there would need to be, in the first instance, a significant change in voter patterns.

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‘Case history’ on how not to do coalition government.

Apparently the Irish people cannot have a general election any time soon according to the latest communication from the Green Party’s Dan Boyle. Why so?  Well to summarise – the Irish voters would put the Labour Party and Fine Gael into Government – two political parties the Greens’ deem unsuitable. Under any other guise this statement could be labelled totalitarianism! Continue reading

Clinging on to power

What ever way you look at it, these last few days have seen the Green Party reach a new low, and I’m not only talking about the opinion polls.  This sorry state of affairs has been brought about by the Green’s insistence to clinging on to power, at all costs. 

As we all know the latest drama concerning the Green Party is former Senator Deirdre de Burca’s dramatic exit.  I’m not going to comment on Deirdre’s departure, nor will I trust any of the subsequent statements coming from the party’s politburo.  When Chris O’Leary, Patricia McKenna and myself left last year, nasty spin was the party’s default defence mechanism.  Continue reading