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Tolerance of incompetence

Ann Marie Hourihane’s article in the Irish Times today is worth a read.  Over the years it has always astounded me how incompetence or corruption amongst politicans, or any person in a responsible position, is excused because they are a nice person, you hear it again and again, ‘but he/she is a really good family man/great mother, has done alot for charity etc ‘ 

We are all nice people, well nearly all of us, however denial is not a valid option for a grown-up, or fair society.

Irish culture of subservience

Two excellent articles in the Irish Times this week dealing with the Irish Catholic’s disastrous response to pedophilia,  and how our culture of subservience facilitates poor governance.

On Tuesday Elaine Byrne describes the ingrained culture of subservience we Irish learn from birth.  This culture of subservience gives us the Gombeen man, legislation for charity instead of rights, and a public administration which labels requests for transparency and accountability as a witch hunt.

Today Maureen Gaffney’s brilliant article discusses the Catholic Church and sex.  She describes the church as a homo social institution having “.. all the characteristics of the worst kind of such an institution: rigid in social structure; preoccupied by power; ruthless in suppressing internal dissent; in thrall to status, titles, and insignia, with an accompanying culture of narcissism and entitlement; and at a great psychological distance from human intimacy and suffering”.