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Copenhagen, climate change and equality

As I watch the the proceedings at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, it is also obvious to me that the global community, will not be able to tackle environmental issues until we tackle inequality.

I’m currently reading ‘The Spirit Level, Why more equal societies almost always do better’ by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Picket. Wilkinson and Picket present research to show how social cohesion, unity of spirit, equal sharing of resources and income partity, produce communities with better health and life expectancy.   The authors also argue that equality and social cohesion is also necessary to tackle the big environmental challenges.  See here for a Times On-line review of their book.

Equality and Human Rights: Gov. using recession to disable Equality Groups

Attended the Equality and Rights Alliance conference and launch of their report ‘Downgrading Equality and Human Rights: Assessing the Impact’.  See the The Irish Times report on the conference, where journalist Alison Healy quotes Mr Ó Cinnéide a lecturer in Law in the University of London: “He said that there was now widespread acceptance that Ireland’s current institutional machinery to protect and promote equality could not deliver on its requirements.  “There has been, frankly, the perception . . . of a fall from grace from European best practice models to a set of circumstances that gives rise to questions,” he said.” Continue reading