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Tolerance of incompetence

Ann Marie Hourihane’s article in the Irish Times today is worth a read.  Over the years it has always astounded me how incompetence or corruption amongst politicans, or any person in a responsible position, is excused because they are a nice person, you hear it again and again, ‘but he/she is a really good family man/great mother, has done alot for charity etc ‘ 

We are all nice people, well nearly all of us, however denial is not a valid option for a grown-up, or fair society.

New beginnings

Polling station picAfter my local election campaign, where I hoped to get re-elected to Dublin City Council, but didn’t, I am going to continue working as a political activist highlighting justice, environment and equality issues.  

This, my new blog, created today, will be a good place to start my ‘new beginnings’, and each week I hope to address specific issues  such as electoral, local and national Government reform, public transport, equal access to education, local business supports, environment and Dublin Bay, and anything else that happens to catch my attention!