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Creating a strong vibrant City Region

Dublin StreetGetting us out of the economic recession will require creative thinking and policy that supports an environment where business can survive and grow.  

This means we have to look at the problem in the long term and Dublin City and Region have been examining ways to make Dublin’s economy strong and vibrant. Continue reading

The Irish Gulag

Artane Industrial SchoolJust finishing reading  The Irish Gulag, by Bruce Arnold, ‘How the State Betrayed its Innocent Children’. 

It’s an analysis of a system that was established at the time of the foundation of the State whereby children were incarcerated in religious run institutions. 

These institutions were funded and regulated by the State.  The children were then starved, beaten, deprived of an adequate basic education and abused by their carers until their release.

What is telling is that this system of incarceration, and money making scheme for religious orders, was only brought to a halt as a condition of the Irish State’s application for membership of the European Community. 

What is also completely depressing, and explained in detail in the book, is the fact that the State is continuing to collude with the religious to cover up the extent of the experience of thousands and thousands of Irish citizens, therby blocking the administration of justice. 

I’ve attached a photo of the Artane Industrial School as I grew up just beside ‘Artane’ as it was known then.  It was operating as an industrial school up to the early ’70s.  Also see Mannix Flynn’s review.

New beginnings

Polling station picAfter my local election campaign, where I hoped to get re-elected to Dublin City Council, but didn’t, I am going to continue working as a political activist highlighting justice, environment and equality issues.  

This, my new blog, created today, will be a good place to start my ‘new beginnings’, and each week I hope to address specific issues  such as electoral, local and national Government reform, public transport, equal access to education, local business supports, environment and Dublin Bay, and anything else that happens to catch my attention!