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budget 2013

This is the text of my speech delivered at Campaign for Labour Policies ‘Post Budget 2013’ meeting in Liberty Hall, on Saturday 8 December 2012.

“While we are here today to discuss Budget 2013, we are really discussing what Labour can achieve in Government.  To be able to say with confidence that Labour has a role in Government, other than being effective administrators, the party has to bring about real reform. Continue reading

the flourishing society

175px-Michael_d_higgins (1)President Michael D. Higgins’ speech at the launch of Task’s The Flourishing Society, expresses with clarity how the commitment to equality has been slowly eroded from the EU.

He said “Previous discourse about the future of the European Union that balanced ‘competitiveness’ and ‘cohesion’ has been systematically discarded with ‘cohesion’ rarely occurring in major statements from those who speak of the future of Europe.”

He developed this theme in his address ‘Towards a European Union of the Citizens’ delivered in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, Wednesday, 17th April, 2013.  The speech was responded with both pride and discomfort amongst media commentators and pundits!

Irish Sea Region

The Dublin Regional Authority is leading the way on an important initiative for the Irish Sea Region.

The project involves Belfast, Merseyside the Isle of Man, University College Cork and the North West Development Agency in the UK, all are committed to developing a strong Irish Sea regional grouping.

A regional policy emphasising the importance of protecting marine ecology whilst developing economic links will also benefit Dublin Bay. Read more here

We all know the arms trade is big business

Photo: Indymedia UK

Global Issues website posted very sobering global arms trade statistics, the quote that got my attention was the information on UN Security Council membership “The five permanent members of the UN Security Council—the USA, UK, France, Russia, and China. Together, they are responsible for eighty-eight per cent of reported conventional arms exports.”

The EU is also seeking to become a major player in the global arms trade.  Many people who voted yes for the last Lisbon Treaty referendum, did so because of environment, equality and human rights provisions in the Treaty.  But now we need to focus on the environment, equality and human rights implications of a stronger EU Arms Industry, and how that will compromise EU policy on the rights of non EU citizens.

Creating a strong vibrant City Region

Dublin StreetGetting us out of the economic recession will require creative thinking and policy that supports an environment where business can survive and grow.  

This means we have to look at the problem in the long term and Dublin City and Region have been examining ways to make Dublin’s economy strong and vibrant. Continue reading