European Elections – your Dublin candidate: Nessa Childers MEP

I am very pleased to be working as a member of Nessa’s campaign team, view here for details of her policies and to keep up with the campaign.

Nessa’s message is important for people who are concern about the direction we are taking in Ireland:  “Who represents Ireland in Europe is important to the lives of ordinary people. I need your support so that I can go back there and work with other like minded MEPs to build an alternative to austerity, and bring about a true social Europe that creates jobs, and protects communities.

Who you send to Europe is very important, because even though we’ve exited the bail-out – Ireland is still subject to strict EU surveillance and supervision of our national budget, including taxation levels and spending on public services. These new stringent fiscal controls are especially damaging as they do not include social protection – if re-elected I will join likeminded MEPs to fight to change these unfair and undemocratic policies.”

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