killester’s legion hall update

Legion Hall, Killester, photo courtesy Patrick Hugh Lynch M.Lit

An Bord Pleanala have now given the go ahead for developing and building on the green space in Killester.  The development involves demolishing the old Legion  Hall, known locally as the Judo Hall, and the loss of considerable green open space, and building a commercial creche.

The astonishing aspect of this planning decision is that the area is zoned amenity, we have adequate childcare in Killester, and a similar application was turned down earlier last year.  Another feature of this area is that there are established rights of way across the green space.

For full details on the planning history see planning application no 3841/10, Site at Middle Third Terrace, and Abbeyfield, Killester, Dublin 5.  This site has been the focus of much planning activity for a number of years now, residents want to keep the green space in the between Middle Third and Abbeyfield, and argue that the zoning for the area should not allow a development of this type and scale.

Legion Hall and green, winter 2011. Photo: Fionuala Lennon.

The green is at the centre of a garden village development, build in the 1920s, for soldiers returned from the First World War and their families.   The hall is believed to be the last remaining British Legion Hall in the Republic of Ireland.

Patrick Hugh Lynch completed academic research into the lives of First World War soldiers when they returned to Ireland, and his research documents the history of the housing development.  The local residents association, Killester Garden Village Residents’ Association contains more historical information.

As a City Councillor I tabled an amendment to the City Council’s Development Plan in 2004,  in recognition of the historical importance of the housing development which was built by the Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust for First World War soldiers and their families, the area known as The Demesne, Middle Third and Abbeyfield is listed as a residential conservation area in Dublin City Council’s Development Plan 2005-2011.

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