Gormley now stalls and kicks to touch on Dublin Bay

Despite launching the Dublin Bay Task Force in a blaze of publicity in June 2008 John Gormley has failed to respond to the many recommendations and subsequent requests for action submitted more than fourteen months ago.

Labour Party representatives Cllr Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Bronwen Maher have strongly criticized Environment Minister John Gormley for his lack of action on Dublin Bay.

Cllr O Ríordáin stated that “The Dublin Bay Task Force was set up by the Minister in June 2008 in a fanfare of publicity but without any requisite funding or staff from his department. Despite this drawback the main body of work on Dublin Bay was submitted to the Minister’s office within six months by the then chair of the task force, Bronwen Maher. Although the Minister is taking credit for establishing the Dublin Bay Task Force he has failed to respond to numerous requests for direction from the task force members. Right now the task force does not know if its work is completed, if it is to disband or if the Minister is accepting its findings. We still have no idea how the Bay should be managed and protected for future Dubliners, despite the recommendations.”  Read full text here…


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