Equality and Human Rights: Gov. using recession to disable Equality Groups

Attended the Equality and Rights Alliance conference and launch of their report ‘Downgrading Equality and Human Rights: Assessing the Impact’.  See the The Irish Times report on the conference, where journalist Alison Healy quotes Mr Ó Cinnéide a lecturer in Law in the University of London: “He said that there was now widespread acceptance that Ireland’s current institutional machinery to protect and promote equality could not deliver on its requirements.  “There has been, frankly, the perception . . . of a fall from grace from European best practice models to a set of circumstances that gives rise to questions,” he said.”

“There are concerns when a country in good international standing like Ireland carries out sweeping budget cuts to its equality and human rights institutions because there are issues of precedence,” he said.“When countries with perceived good records do something, then it means that countries who are perceived to have not such good records have a precedent.” He said Pakistan had recently cited Ireland’s blasphemy law as an example of best practice, at a UN gathering.”

Joe Costello TD, Labour Party spoke at the conference, stating that the Government was using the recession to disable Equality Groups .

The Irish people deserve much better, we signed up to the good Friday Agreement north and south, lets now fulfill the potential of the agreement and build strong Human Rights and equality practices across all Government departments and decision-making structures.



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