Creating a strong vibrant City Region

Dublin StreetGetting us out of the economic recession will require creative thinking and policy that supports an environment where business can survive and grow.  

This means we have to look at the problem in the long term and Dublin City and Region have been examining ways to make Dublin’s economy strong and vibrant.

Last summer the Dublin Regional Authority laid out their strategy Dublin Region Economic Action Plan.  And this month The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Labour Party Councillor Emer Costello, established a Commission on Employment to look at how Dublin City Council and other public, private and non-government organisations can help promote economic renewal and employment growth. 

The Lord Mayor’s Commission will focus on four key areas

  • Unemployment and employment
  • Business, entrepreneurship and finance
  • Education, skills and training
  • Volunerring and the social economy.

What I like about Emer’s commision is that it is taking a long term and holistic approach to building an ecomomy that recognises the role of communities, education and entrepreneurship in creating a vibrant and confident City Region.

If you have ideas on how Dublin City can get working, email, closing date for submissions is Friday 4th December.


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