“Should I Stay or Should I go?”

 Dáil Chamber
Tomorrow the Green Party will ask themselves the big question Should I Stay or Should I Go?” when they decide if they should support the new Programme for Government and  NAMA .

Or pull out of Goverment and probably cause a General Election.

Much media time and interest is being spent on the newly negotiated Programme for Government however I believe the burning question, and real issue on the table tomorrow is NAMA.

Ideologically, the Green Party and Fianna Fáil are polls apart.  The new Programme for Government I expect will be a document emphasizing the Green and Smart Economy, with a commitment to increasing supports for education and a commitment for electoral reform.

But with Fianna Fáil there will be no transformation of Irish society.  In reality there will be minimal electoral reform, unsustainable economics and haggling and concessions on education and social justice measures rather than political commitment to social inclusion and balanced economics.

The Programme for Government is a to-do list for Government, and we all know the fate of these lists, some items crossed off and completed others carried forward for next year. 

Whereas NAMA is going to happen, it is imminent and the draft Bill agreed by Cabinet has been published.  The two Green Party Ministers are full members of the cabinet that agreed NAMA, these Ministers and the Green TDs are now promoting NAMA to the Green Party members as the only and best solution to our banking crisis.  See Ciarán Cuffe’s blog for a heart felt appeal for support for their position in Government.

The taxpayer will fund NAMA – a bailout for big developers and their bankers to help them ride-out the recession.  This solution to the banking crisis has been devised by Fianna Fáil, whose ideology and culture has been defined and shaped by over thirty years in power – a position enabled, supported and financed by the very people desperately in need of NAMA.


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