Sex Workers rights are Human Rights

Photo by Sarah Stephen published in Green LeftGood to meet up with fellow politicos at the Green Left and Green Party of England and Wales meeting last Friday and Saturday. 

As well as presenting my speech I also attended a meeting and discussion on a review of the party’s policy on legalising prostitution. 

There is a growing concern that the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) should it policy to reflect changes to the law in a number of other jurisdictions.  In particular GPEW is looking at Sweden, where a change in policy has dramatically reduced the number of women involved in prostitution and, also reduced trafficking of women and girls into Sweden to work in the sex industry.

There is growing concern that legalising prostitution does not bring about greater security for prostitutes, but instead creates opportunity for greater exploition of young and vulnerable women.

Also the Irish support service for prostitutes Ruhama have again called for users or customers of prostitutes in Ireland to be prosecuted as explained in this report in the Irish Times .

The international sex industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, with the average citizen often unaware that their pension fund may be dependent on profits from the industry.

The sex industry includes pornography, prostitution, clubs and trafficking.   The reality of working in this industry, and what it means for the countless numbers of mainly young women and girls who work in the industry, is something society often does not want to come to terms with or even discuss. 

I believe it is not a victimless industry and any change in legislation must have the protection and  human rights of the workers as its primary and indeed only motivation.

4 thoughts on “Sex Workers rights are Human Rights

  1. stephenpaterson

    How intelligent women such as yourself can even begin to think that criminalising even more people relating to the sex industry will do anything but push it further undergound is beyond me. And what of jurisdictions like New Zealand, New South Wales, all German speaking countries, Holland?

    Just check out more or less any stories on my blog:

  2. Anthony Kennerson

    Apparently, NOT ALL sex worker rights are human, if you are under the misimpression that using the Swedish Model to criminalize consumers of sex work (let alone, consumers of adult sexual media, strip clubs, and other related sexual commerce) will do anything to protect sex workers from abuse.

    Countless sex worker activists have testified to the ultimate failure of the “Swedish Model” to do anything other than to drive sex commerce underground, fail to distinguish innocent, non-violent male consumers from actual rapists and abusers, and become exploited to impose traditional reactionary sexual attitudes and laws under the guise of “feminism”.

    Plus…for a putatively “leftist” group to call for the direct abolition of a worker’s livelihood as a means of “protecting” them, without offering an alternative means of survival and substinance, counts only as rank hypocrisy and the antithesis of workers’ rights activism. Of course, all standards change when sex is involved, as if “progressives’ still can’t get what harm Puritanism has done.

    You are entitled to your opinion and activism, of course…but we are just as entitled to disagree and counter with the facts.

    Anthony Kennerson
    Lafayette, LA, USA
    Contirbutor, Harlot’s Parlor

  3. Karen

    Bronwyn, what you are proposing is to actually take away the rights of sex workers.

    “The reality of working in this industry, and what it means for the countless numbers of mainly young women and girls who work in the industry, is something society often does not want to come to terms with or even discuss.’
    -Actually many of us would like to discuss this, please do not presume that you can speak for us.


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