Survivor – Killester’s British Legion Hall

Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust Crest, photo courtesy of Patrick Hugh Lynch M.Lit

I’m working on my submission to Dublin City Council to have the Legion Hall in Killester’s Middle Third added to the list of protected structures.  Patrick Hugh Lynch, M.Lit, is kindly assisting me.

Patrick has recently completed academic research into the lives of First World War soldiers when they returned to Ireland.  The local residents association, Killester Garden Village Residents’ Association is also campaigning to protect the hall.

Legion Hall Killester, photo courtesy of Patrick Hugh Lynch

Following my amendment to the City Council’s Development Plan in 2004, and in recognition of the historical importance of the housing development which was built by the Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust for First World War soldiers and their families, the area known as The Demesne, Middle Third and Abbeyfield is listed as a residential conservation area in Dublin City Council’s Development Plan 2005-2011.


3 thoughts on “Survivor – Killester’s British Legion Hall

  1. Brian Grimson

    I am very proud to have on display here in Killester medals awarded to my father’s uncle, 2nd Lt. William Turner Richardson, Machine Gun Corps, of Balgriffin , County Dublin, who died at the Battle of the Somme and who was never found. Also the medals of his sister Margaret, whom I knew, and who nursed on the continent in World War I and worked particularly on the troop ships. We have also her private diaries and drawings from this time, and from the period of her training at Dr. Steeven’s Hospital in Dublin City.
    We have also a commemoration scroll in calligraphy for William Richardson.

    I’d be pleased to know if these items might be of any interest. (They are not for sale!)

    Telephone: 086.317.4898 (Mobile)

    1. Bronwen Post author

      Brian, great to hear about your family’s history and apologies for delay in replying to your post, the Museum at Griffith Barracks would be the best place to make enquiries about these items. I’ll also get in touch with Patrick Hugh Lynch to see what he would recommend.

  2. Barbara


    I spoke ot you today by email at my horror in the knowledge the same application for demolition is back up again. My grandfather served in the British Navy and fought in the Second World War, he was awarded medals for bravery, my father moved to Abbeyfield as a biy when there were lush farms and fields for miles, I stand for my grandfather, my grandmother and as for all the locals in Killester when I say it is vital that the British Legion Hall is not demolished for some-one with contacts financial gain.


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